David Walsh

David lives in Suffolk, where he has recently retired from full-time teaching, although he continues with part-time maths tutoring and sports coaching and enjoys singing in local choirs.

He has been a keen birdwatcher since his primary school days and still has his notebooks from the early 1970s to prove it! At home in Suffolk, he puts his love of bird songs and calls to good use, running surveys to monitor breeding birds in the spring and searching out migrants in the autumn.

He has been leading tours since 1986 and in the last ten years has focused especially on Europe, North Africa, Asia and South America, developing his interest in butterflies and dragonflies as well as birds.

David's boundless energy and enthusiasm, coupled with a determination to ensure that everyone in the group sees the birds, made him very popular with clients on the tours he led for Ornitholidays between 2007 and 2018; he was very excited to become part of the Limosa team from 2019!