Chris Charlesworth

Canadian Chris began birding at the age of ten, with a passion for birds that has remained with him and ultimately inspired him to guide birding tours.

He lives at Kelowna in British Columbia (Canada) and has travelled extensively throughout his native North America. Since earning his “Limosa wings” in the early 2000s, he has led most of our tours across the pond, including those to Arizona, Texas, California, Washington State, Oregon, Ontario (Point Pelee), the Canadian Rockies, Alberta and British Columbia (including Vancouver Island).

Chris is excellent company and has developed quite a following among Limosa travellers over the years. He derives great pleasure from sharing his experience on tour and his knowledge of North America’s birds and their calls is right out of the top drawer. With a little coaxing, he may even be persuaded to demonstrate his repertoire of North American ‘owl imitations’ on tour - said to be quite entertaining!