Andrea Corso

When it comes to birding, Andrea is “Mr Sicily”! Born and raised in Siracusa, in southeast Sicily, he is the island’s foremost ornithologist and one of the leading voices in birdwatching and conservation in Italy today.

A prolific writer, ornithological consultant and advisor, Andrea is author of the Avifauna di Sicilia and has written or co-authored a further 300 or so books, papers and articles – covering everything from bird migration, identification and taxonomy to the status and distribution of birds within Italy and Europe! He is the Italian authority for Dutch Birding and Birdwatch magazines, writing his country’s monthly bird reports for each of those journals. Andrea has co-ordinated or taken part in dozens of ornithological research projects, in Italy and overseas, for conservation bodies including LIPU, WWF, RSPB and BirdLife International. During the course of his work he has also travelled extensively within the Western Palearctic, as well as visiting Russia and Asia several times. He is presently working on three books and more than 100 ornithological articles.

Andrea still lives at Siracusa, watching birds and enjoying island life; he says he would never change this town for any other - and having been there ourselves, who can blame him! With his natural enthusiasm, infectious humour and Italian charm - not to mention a fine singing voice! - we are indeed honoured to have him join us as ornithological consultant on our Sicily trips.