Richard Thaxton

Richard is a principal Limosa guide who joined us in the early ‘noughties’ at the urging of our American friends Field Guides - who clearly know a good thing when they see one!

Recently retired as warden at the RSPB’s Loch Garten reserve, where he worked for 30 years, Richard was charged with the welfare of some of Speyside's rarest inhabitants, including Capercaillies and the world famous Ospreys.

He is a first-rate bird tour guide with exceptional people skills and regularly leads our trips to eastern Europe, as well as those to Latin America and the Caribbean - including Brazil and Colombia. Various sabbaticals during his time with RSPB included extended visits to Brazil and West Africa.

In 2011, he spent 4 weeks at REGUA in Brazil, advising on the development of sustainable tourism there - and is now a regular visitor there with Limosa groups. Richard also has good experience of Southeast Asia, having travelled widely throughout the region, including Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia.