Chris Kightley

Chris is a partner at Limosa Holidays, a company he launched with his wife Barbara more than 30 years ago. Having since led well over 300 Limosa tours and BirdWalks - and with rather more stops for coffee and cake along the way - his forays into the field are something of a rarity nowadays as it falls to him to take charge of the Limosa office.

Chris has written, edited and produced all of Limosa's annual brochures over the past 32 years, as well as innumerable newsletters, eNewsletters and leaflets during that time, and a string of popular articles for Bird Watchingmagazine.

Along with wife Barbara, and our Operations and Media Manager Brian Small, Chris leads the majority of Limosa's guided BirdWalks in Norfolk and Suffolk - a ground-breaking programme that he originated and launched back in January 2009.

Aside from founding Limosa in 1985, he is perhaps best known for the acclaimed Pocket Guide to the Birds of Britain & NW Europe ... not to mention the now famous photograph of that Nutcracker perched on his head!