Brian Small

Brian was a teacher for 12 years and lives in Suffolk with his wife, whilst his son has now flown the coop to work for Jaguar Land Rover. In 2013, he switched to full time employment with Limosa, guiding tours and working as our Tour and Media Manager in the Limosa office.

Brian has travelled around the globe and is the inspiration behind a growing number of Limosa tours, including those to Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Armenia, Georgia and New Mexico. He regularly leads our guided BirdWalks in Norfolk and Suffolk, too.

Brian is also a talented bird artist - examples of his work can be seen in the acclaimed Handbook of the Birds of the World (HBW), and the Helm Field Guide Birds of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean - and his current projects include work on two major new guides: the Birds of Southern Brazil and the Birds of Southern Africa.

In his spare time at home, he concentrates on working his local patch at Southwold, on the Suffolk coast, searching especially for migrants and gulls. Brimming with infectious enthusiasm, Brian has been guiding tours for Limosa since 2002.

Brian Small will be leading on the following tours...