06th Aug 2021

Flights: explaining Limosa's new approach

Our approach to your flights

One of the consequences of the pandemic that all of us will have personally witnessed is that there have been a lot less planes in the sky since March 2020. Whilst this situation is gradually changing as restrictions ease (especially in Europe and North America), nevertheless, there is generally a lot less availability than before coronavirus became a worldwide problem.

This means that on many routes, less planes are flying and prices are in some cases significantly higher than before the pandemic. Whilst there is a general expectation that this will change as we all become able (and willing) to travel again and the airlines put on more flights, pricing a trip becomes extremely difficult if a flight is a significant component of the cost. Inevitably, the only option if flights are included in the tour price is to assume the prices will remain high even if a reduction is anticipated - a situation that does not work well for either the tour operator or client.

When schedules are also constantly being updated and revised, this further complicates the situation so we have taken the difficult decision that the best option for both Limosa Holidays and our clients is to remove the flight component from the price of our tours.

We are now working with Sacha Barbato, a highly experienced agent at Travel Counsellors (an organisation which has won many accolades for their handling of refunds during the pandemic), who will know which flights we are planning to use for each tour.  This will mean it will be a near seamless experience organising this aspect of your holiday.  Indeed, if you wish, Sacha can even contact you out of office hours if this is more convenient for you.

We believe there are many other advantages as it will mean that you are likely to pay less than we would have budgeted for your flights, you will be dealing with an aviation expert (leaving us to concentrate on our expertise in setting up and running bird tours) and it will also give you more flexibility.

For our trips to Asia, for example, where an airline such as Emirates might be the best option, by not including a flight from London in the tour price, you are able to fly from a regional airport if that is more convenient for you.  For many popular short haul destinations, this will also be an option.

As a result, we believe this new arrangement is a win-win for both our valued clients and Limosa Holidays and you will now be dealing with genuine experts for every aspect of your trip.

If you are comparing our tours with others, please do read their small print as due to the current flight uncertainty, some are reserving the right in their terms and conditions to add sizeable surcharges if flight prices do not fall......