09th Aug 2020


How will coronavirus affect YOUR Limosa tour? Please read our latest Travel Advisory here:

To all our valued Limosa clients and friends

We hope that you are all in good health and continuing to keep safe and well at home.

Please do take a few moments to read this latest message (updated 9 August 2020), which sets out our position with regard to your holiday bookings with Limosa for the remainder of this year - and looking forward to the next. With a growing number of our 2021 tours booking up nicely now, we can see that you are just as eager to get travelling again as we are!

The past five months have been pretty stressful, not to mention disappointing, for everyone involved in travel and tourism - both businesses and customers alike. So, first and foremost, we wanted to say a special thank you for the many messages of support and goodwill we are continuing to receive from you. We have always looked upon those who travel with Limosa as our friends - and indeed, our leaders and office team have come to know many of you very well over the years. Your kind words and trust in all that we do mean everything to us.

We also wanted to reaffirm that we are here!... Although it is taking us rather longer than usual to respond in these difficult times, please be assured that we are working hard to get in touch with all those who are booked to travel with Limosa over the coming months. We are at all times following the latest UK Government advice - but it is heartbreaking to have to unpick so many months of hard work and to postpone and reschedule so many of your eagerly awaited holidays.

In light of the ongoing health concerns and uncertainties at this time, and in the interests of allowing us all to move forward with confidence, in early April we took the difficult but firm decision to postpone and reschedule (or in a very few cases, cancel) all our tours during April, May and June 2020. As events have continued to unfold, we have since cancelled our July, August and September trips, too.

Having now contacted everyone who was booked to travel with us then, we are now able to turn our attention to those trips scheduled to depart between 1st and 31st October 2020.

Please note that we will be writing to everyone who is booked to travel with us during this period, but with staff on furlough this task may take a little time - so please bear with us! Some of you may already have been contacted by now. But if you have yet to hear from us, our letter will set out clearly the options open to you in respect of your particular tour.

To those of you who have asked us to transfer their booking and payment to a future departure, on behalf of everyone - not just here at Limosa, but our many long-standing and valued business partners around the world - we extend our most sincere and grateful thanks. It gives us all hope for the future... plus of course, you still have a birding holiday to look forward to!

Amidst the uncertainty at this time, and quite understandably, some we have contacted have asked us for a refund and we thank you for your patience while we deal with the necessary paperwork for these as quickly as we can. Unfortunately, some airlines - notably including Easyjet, KLM and Air France - have been and/or remain downright obstructive, acting unlawfully and considerably hampering and delaying the refund process.

Though our telephone and office contacts remain fully operational at this time, it may not always be possible for us to answer your call straightaway. If you do need to get in touch with us before we have contacted you, it would help our hard-pressed team if you would continue to please email us in the first place, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Many thanks!


We will be keeping our late autumn trips under review and making the decision whether to operate these tours in due course, based on latest UK Government advice as well as any other considerations and/or travel restrictions affecting our tours that may be in place elsewhere. Information from governments, airlines, agencies and suppliers is changing all the time, so it is important that we don't work too far ahead.

Meantime, if you are booked to travel with us between 1st October and 31st December this year, please note that we have reduced our balance due date from 12 to 6 weeks prior to departure. This will allow due time for us to properly assess how things are looking for your particular tour before you need pay the balance.

As with our spring, summer and early autumn 2020 trips, we will be writing to everyone personally, closer to your scheduled departure date..

[Please note for tours commencing on or after 1st January 2021, the balance due date will revert to our standard 12 weeks again as per our Booking Conditions.]

Whatever the coming weeks or months may hold for travel, please be assured that the health and well-being of our guests is always our top priority. We won't operate a tour if it isn't safe to do so and we will always follow the UK Government's Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice.

Birding brings joy to all our lives. Let's hope it won't be too long before we can all get back to sharing more wonderful Limosa birding and travel experiences together.

Stay safe and keep well - and we look forward both to renewing those long-standing friendships again soon, as well as to welcoming our first-time travellers, too!

With our very best wishes
Chris, Barbara, Brian and all the Limosa team