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Arnoud van den Berg

Arnoud is a principal Limosa guide living in the Netherlands, where he is chief editor and founder of Dutch Birding magazine, and one of the three core members of the ground-breaking Sound Approach team.

Although perhaps best known for his skills as a top-notch bird photographer, Arnoud is an outstanding field birder and a prolific author. He has also been recording bird sounds since the days when this involved lugging a tape recorder the size of a microwave oven around the world with him.

An integral part of the Limosa team since 1991 - when he master-minded our very first Dutch Wild Goose Chase - Arnoud's relaxed and cheery disposition fit perfectly the Limosa style. Backing up his many talents in the field and his considerable linguistic skills, he somehow manages to carry with him a cavernous rucksack, crammed with state-of-the-art birding gadgetry, the mysterious contents of which help to ensure a great time is had by all.

His many trips for us over the years have taken him across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas - including nine tours to Florida, seventeen to France and almost thirty to both the Netherlands and Morocco. He is a leading authority on the avifauna of both countries and his knowledge of those country's birds and where to find them is second to none.

Arnoud will be leading on the following tours:


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