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Essential Information



For all overseas tours (also for all cruises within the UK) participants must be in possession of a valid passport. Ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months after the end of your holiday.

Certain countries require that passports contain at least one blank page. Participants travelling on tours to - or transiting via - the USA should also be aware of the latest visa waiver, ESTA and immigration requirements. Be sure to check you comply fully at least one month prior to travel. Please note that the onus is on you to check that you comply fully - we recommend you attend to this at least one month prior to travel.

For latest Entry Requirement details we recommend you check the Travel Advice section on the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. Alternatively, call the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or contact the appropriate embassy or consulate.



Some destinations we visit require visas. Details will be provided on booking or see our Tour Info Pack for your chosen tour. We regret that we are unable to obtain visas for you.

Should a visa(s) be required, for UK passport holders our office will send you the necessary application forms and instructions how to complete them (usually about 8 weeks prior to departure).

Holders of non-UK passports are responsible for checking locally and organising their own visa and other entry requirements.


Health & Vaccinations

As tour operators, we cannot give health advice. It is very important that you are well-informed about health risks and issues in your chosen destination country before making your booking. The information given here and within our predeparture information is intended for guidance only - and is only for certain diseases - and you must consult your doctor in good time prior to travel as to what immunisations and other precautions are needed for your chosen holiday.

Have a medical and dental check-up before you go. For travel everywhere (even within the UK), we recommend you check you are up-to-date with protection against tetanus, polio and hepatitis A.

For some tours protection against typhoid, TB, yellow fever and diphtheria is also advised, and you may need to take anti-malarial tablets. Our Travel Info (sent to all who book) will outline the main health requirements specific to that tour.

Please make sure you have checked the Health Advice for the destination. We strongly recommend you consult the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) website www.nathnac.org prior to booking any overseas holiday. NaTHNaC promotes standards in travel medicine, providing travel health information for health professionals and the public, and is funded by the UK Government's Health Protection Agency.


Your Safety & Travel Advice

Risks to your safety and security are an unavoidable aspect of all travel. The best current advice on such risks is provided by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Travel Advice unit. Please make sure you have checked the latest Travel Advice for the destination.

It is standard Limosa policy for us to send a copy of the relevant FCO Travel Advice to all participants along with their Final Letter. We urge all travellers to check the Travel Advice on the FCO website www.fco.gov.uk - both prior to booking and regularly before you travel.


Travel Aware

Travel Aware’ - staying safe and healthy abroad - is a travel safety campaign run by the FCO, and another useful resource weel worth checking out if you travel abroad. Go to: www.gov.uk/travelaware



Travel Insurance

Good travel insurance is absolutely ESSENTIAL before setting off on any overseas trip - and is to be much recommended for UK holidays as well.

In common with all responsible tour operators, it is a condition of booking that all clients are fully and adequately insured before travelling overseas with us.

Your travel insurance should cover against cancellation, curtailment, missed departure, delay, personal accident, death, medical and repatriation expenses, loss of baggage and valuables (see note below), personal liability and legal expenses.

Due to UK Government legislation, under Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations, please note that we are not allowed to offer or recommend travel related insurance to customers. Premiums can vary widely according to your age, needs, health, choice of destination and other factors, while many people nowadays have Annual Travel Insurance cover. For these reasons, we leave you free to shop around and pick your own policy, one best suited to your own individual needs. See also item 28 of our Booking Conditions.

We recommend that you obtain your travel insurance as soon as possible after booking your holiday to ensure you are protected right from the word go in the event of unexpected cancellation prior to departure due to accident or illness.

You must inform your insurers of any pre-existing medical conditions - including those of persons not necessarily travelling but upon whom your holiday may depend - that may require treatment during a period of overseas travel or might cause you to cancel the trip.

Once you have arranged your insurance, be sure to send us the following essential details: name and contact details of your insurance provider, your policy number, expiry date and your insurers 24hr Emergency Assistance number.

Please note that it is the client's own responsibility to arrange suitable insurance cover. We cannot be held responsible for clients failure to have full and adequate insurance, nor for any costs that arise which would otherwise have been met had such insurance been taken out.

Most travel insurance policies limit the amount of cover, typically up to a maximum tour cost of £5000 per person. If the tour you are booking exceeds this amount, additional cover can usually be provided upon payment of additional premium. We recommend all travellers check their individual policy limit to ensure the full cost of their holiday is covered.

All birdwatchers should be aware that Travel Insurance does not normally provide sufficient cover for binoculars, telescopes and other valuable optical equipment. This is often best protected under your own household insurance policy. If in doubt ask your insurers for advice prior to travel.


Special Diets & Other Requests

We pass on all such requests to the airlines, hotels and other suppliers, and do our best to ensure (but of course cannot guarantee) that your needs will be met. Please be sure to tell us about these (in as much detail as possible) at the time of booking, to allow good time to make the necessary arrangements.


Baggage and Packing

Baggage rules and regulations vary between airlines. Most airlines have some restriction on the maximum amount of free checked (or hold) baggage allowance per person, typically one item per person with a weight limit of around 20kgs-23kgs. On some tours, due to limited space in the vehicle or small aircraft used on domestic flights, there are further restrictions and the baggage allowance is lower. Our Travel Information sheets and Final Letter will contain further details, but if you would like to know about these before booking, please contact us.

Along with our Final Letter, we will also supply details or an Information Bulletin summarising the hand baggage guidelines for your tour. To keep abreast of any changes we recommend you visit the airline's own website prior to travel.


Binoculars, telescopes & tripods

We're frequently asked for advice about the best way to pack binoculars, telescopes and tripods on tour. Unless airline security demands otherwise, we recommend that you always pack optics in your hand luggage (some people prefer to wear their binoculars around their neck).

If you are bringing a tripod, please note that this has to go in with the checked (hold) luggage. If it won't fit within your case or main bag (where it can be protected from damage by wrapping within clothing), rugged tripod cases can now be bought from specialist suppliers and are another way of solving the problem. However, keep in mind that some airlines/routes allow only one piece of checked (hold) luggage per passenger; additional items of luggage may incur an excess baggage charge payable to the airline at check-in and at passengers' own expense.


What to Take

Our Travel Info sheets include advice on what clothing and equipment to bring with you on tour. We are often asked whether tea- and coffee-making facilities are available at the hotels (usually yes in the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand; usually no anywhere else in the world), and the presence or absence of hairdryers (usually yes in city and resort-based hotels, usually no elsewhere). Generally, we suggest bringing your own if you feel you need these on tour!


Any Questions?

You'll find our office staff friendly, efficient and approachable - and just a phone call away. Our office is open 09.00-17.00 hrs Monday-Friday. In the event we are unable to take your call, please do leave a message on our answerphone (available 24 hrs) and we will be happy to return your call as soon as possible.

We can also be reached by email:[email protected] //

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